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November 9, 2006

Seneca Nation Unofficial Results

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Unofficial results from November 7, 2006 Seneca Nation Elections:

President, Maurice A. “Moe” John, 1,541; clerk, Jacqueline Bowen, 1,533; treasurer, Kevin Seneca, 1,522; Tribal Council, Cattaraugus, Linda Doxtator, 1,537, Travis Jimerson, 1,530; Richard E. Nephew, 1,522 and Michael C. Williams, 1,529; Allegany, Tina Abrams, 1,365, Richard Frank, 1,377, Al George, 1,546 and Rodney Pierce, 1,529.


November 8, 2006

Seneca Nation Election Results

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Seneca Nation elects new president

SALAMANCA — Maurice A. John Sr. looked at the reporters surrounding him, smiled and said “I love Niagara Falls.”

John, the current treasurer of the Seneca Nation of Indians, had just led the Seneca Party to a sweep of every major office up for grabs in the Nation’s general election on Tuesday. In balloting on the Senecas’ Alleghany and Cattaraugus reservations, John defeated former Nation President Rickey L. Armstrong Sr. by a margin of 1,541 to 1,114.

Businessman Kevin Seneca was elected the Nation’s treasurer and will replace John in that post.

I hope to have additional results for all Seneca Nation races sometime during Wednesday.

October 6, 2006

Snyder(SNI) and Brown(City of Buffalo) Reach Agreement Regarding Fulton Street

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Seneca President Barry E. Snyder Sr. and Mayor Byron W. Brown announced yesterday that they have reached and agreement on the sale of a two block section of Fulton Street in the Cobblestone District to the Seneca Nation of Indians. This two-block section “runs through the middle of the nine-acre Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino site”.

September 19, 2006

Seneca Party Cattaraugus Territory Caucus

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(Source: The Salamanca Press.  An asterik (*) denotes the winner(s) for each position.)

“The Seneca voters have selected a slate of candidates that are qualified, experienced, community minded and possess a untied goal of doing what is best for the Seneca Nation,” said Brenda Deegan, chairperson of advertising and promotions for the party. “All the candidates would like to thank the voters for their support and confidence. We had record numbers of voters for each of the caucuses.”


September 15, 2006

Seneca Party Allegany Territory Caucus

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(Print article from Salamanca Press; not available on-line at the time of this posting.) 

Custom and tradition dictates that the president, clerk and treasurer alternate between the Allegany and Cattaraugus territories every two years.  After the November election, the president and clerk will hail from Allegany, while the treasurer’s main office will (be) in the Cattaraugus Territory.

The Seneca Party will choose a treasurer candidate, along with Cattaraugus councillors and other officers in a second caucus on Sunday. 

The election will be held on November 7.


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