The Rural Patriot

September 15, 2006

Fun With Guns

Kids will be kids, but I tend to view college-aged people as young adults; maybe I’m giving some of them too much credit.  Plus, the group in this story is representing the Republican National Party, who should have, in my opinion, put a complete stop to this idea that has migrated through several college campuses.  I find the following story disgusting, offensive, and reprehensible.   From Michigan:

The intern, Morgan Wilkins, a sophomore at the University of Louisville, who is being paid to organize College Republicans throughout the state told The Michigan Daily on Sunday that she was considering organizing an event at campuses around the state that would have had participants shoot paintball or BB gun at cardboard cutouts of prominent Democrats like senators Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. She also said she might hold “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day,” where students would try and find a volunteer hidden on campus wearing a shirt that said “illegal immigrant” on it.



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