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November 15, 2006

Eric Massa’s Concession

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[NOTE: Taken from Eric Massa’s campaign website]

A Brighter Future

Now that the vast majority of the votes have been re-canvassed, and the counting of the absentee ballots is well underway, it is clear that the initial results of the election will not change. The owners of this democracy have spoken and I would like to wish Congressman Kuhl and his team the best of luck with the important work that still lies ahead.

Two years ago, when we started this journey, no one believed we would come this far. Regardless of the outcome, I still feel that this election has been a victory for all of us who believe in a brighter future for the 29th District and for the United States of America.



November 13, 2006

One Sentence

From the Olean Times Herald, November 12, 2006:

Kuhl says he’s ready to work with new Congress

On Election Day eve, U.S. Rep. John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr., R-Hammondsport, indicated he’d try to work with Democrats, even though they did little but stall legislation over the last two years.

Three things here. 1) Election Day eve??? Am I reading this correctly – wouldn’t that have been MONDAY, November 6? Looks to me that he was very confident that last week’s election was already in the bag before one lever was touched,


November 12, 2006

Cattaraugus County Race Results

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If you missed any results from town/village races in the county, here is a pretty good article from the Salamanca Press detailing winners of all races from Cattaraugus County.

November 11, 2006

Digesting the 2006 Election Cycle

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I admit it. I’m still digesting and decompressing from the events of the past week. Some results were expected, such as the Democratic take-over of the House of Representatives. Some were not, such as the additional Democratic take-over of the Senate. Locally, I am not surprised that the Republican candidates in our area, (Kuhl, Giglio, Burling, and Young – who had no Democratic opponent), were re-elected to their respective positions.


November 9, 2006

Seneca Nation Unofficial Results

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Unofficial results from November 7, 2006 Seneca Nation Elections:

President, Maurice A. “Moe” John, 1,541; clerk, Jacqueline Bowen, 1,533; treasurer, Kevin Seneca, 1,522; Tribal Council, Cattaraugus, Linda Doxtator, 1,537, Travis Jimerson, 1,530; Richard E. Nephew, 1,522 and Michael C. Williams, 1,529; Allegany, Tina Abrams, 1,365, Richard Frank, 1,377, Al George, 1,546 and Rodney Pierce, 1,529.

New York Election Numbers (Unofficial)

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State Election Results- New York (This link also provides results for all House of Representatives district races in New York State.)

NY Senate:
Hillary CLINTON 2,811,981 – 67%
John SPENCER 1,320,571 – 31%
Roger CALERO 7,444 – 0%
Howie HAWKINS 52,010 – 1%
Jeffrey RUSSELL 20,022 – 1%
William VAN AUKEN 7,741 – 0%


November 8, 2006

Kuhl/Massa Vote by County and Other Election Stuff

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Massa won’t acknowledge Kuhl win
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First – to the jerk who sent me the spam/virus “Best Buy Order Confirmation” for a SONY VAIO email, I wish a very special kind of karma for you. You put me through a hell that I just didn’t need to experience this morning.

I immediately thought that I was a victim of credit card/identity theft. That really sucked, especially since I’m running on about 3 1/2 hours sleep. You wasted over 1 1/2 hours of my time dealing with this between phone calls and virus scans already this morning.

If any of you receive this email, Best Buy Customer Service says: don’t open the email, delete it. If you did open it, do not click on the link/attachment. That will start the virus. I didn’t click the link/attachment, and that saved me. But I did run a few different scans to be on the safe side.

Now, to business. I understand that the Kuhl/Massa race has been called for Kuhl (51%-49%); however, Massa has not conceded.

NY State 147th District – Burling
NY State 149th District – Giglio
NY State Senator – Clinton
NY State Gov/LT – Spitzer/Patterson
NY State AG – Cuomo
NY State Comptroller – Hevesi
Cattaraugus Co. Dist. 5 – Couture
Allegany Co. Sheriff – Tompkins
Seneca Nation – Seneca Party takes every major office

I will post later today with additional county and Seneca Nation results and the available numbers.

Seneca Nation Election Results

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Seneca Nation elects new president

SALAMANCA — Maurice A. John Sr. looked at the reporters surrounding him, smiled and said “I love Niagara Falls.”

John, the current treasurer of the Seneca Nation of Indians, had just led the Seneca Party to a sweep of every major office up for grabs in the Nation’s general election on Tuesday. In balloting on the Senecas’ Alleghany and Cattaraugus reservations, John defeated former Nation President Rickey L. Armstrong Sr. by a margin of 1,541 to 1,114.

Businessman Kevin Seneca was elected the Nation’s treasurer and will replace John in that post.

I hope to have additional results for all Seneca Nation races sometime during Wednesday.

Cattaraugus County Unofficial Totals

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Governor/Lieutenant Governor





November 7, 2006

Results Progress

This will be updated throughout the final counts. (please forgive the formatting.)

Cattaraugus Co.; 25 of 79 Precincts Reporting: 9:45 pm / 62 of 79, 10:10pm
JOHN RANDY KUHL, JR. (ENC) 3167 / 8633
ERIC J. MASSA 2644 / 7024
*** TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS *** 5811 / 15657

Catt.Co.;149th Assembly District; 25 of 79 Precincts Reporting; 9:45 pm / 62 of 79, 10:10 pm / FINAL
JOSEPH M. GIGLIO (ENC) 3524 / 9572 FINAL: 12,182
LINDA L. WITTE 2502 / 6751 FINAL: 8,514
*** TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS *** 6026 / 16,323 / 20,696

via WKBW;147th Assembly District; 5 of 114 Precincts Reporting; 9:45 pm / 27 of 114 reporting, 10:10 pm
JUDITH HUNTER 307 / 1811
****TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS 1085 / 6747

NY-29 via WKBW; 107 of 635 Precincts; 10:10 pm / 565 of 635 11:10 pm
KUHL: 14,193 / 87,748 51%
MASSA: 13,031 / 84,966 49%

NY-29; Monroe county; 212 of 230 Precincts Reporting 10:30pm / FINAL
Kuhl – 27,320 43.2% / 30,048 43.3%
Massa – 35,882 56.7% / 39,315 56.7%

NY-29; Cattaraugus Co. FINAL
Kuhl – 11,070 55.7%
Massa – 8,800 44.3%

NY-29; Ontario County. FINAL
Kuhl – 13,985
Massa – 13,272

NY-29; Chemung County. FINAL
Kuhl – 12,715 52%
Massa – 11,511 48%

via WKBW; NY-29; 596 of 635 reporting; 11:25 pm
Kuhl – 93734 51%
Massa – 89,437 49%

CNN is reporting that the Democratic party has already won enough (15) seats to take control of the House and have picked up 3 senate seats so far (they need six for control).

Voter Breakdown / Election Results Links

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Data from New York State’s Board of Elections site.

NYS Voter Enrollment Statistics by County; November 1, 2006

Allegany County: Total Registered Voters: 28,300; Republican: 14, 781; Democratic: 7,140; Independence: 925; Conservative: 396; Working Families: 120; Green: 96; Liberal 188; Right to Life: 114; Other: 7; Blank 4,533

Cattaraugus County: Total Registered Voters: 54,502; Republican: 21,768; Democratic: 18,475; Independence: 1,873; Conservative: 1,113; Working Families: 208; Green: 173; Liberal: 460; Right to Life: 332; Marijuana Reform: 2; Libertarian: 5; Other: 17; Blank: 10,076

NYS Voter Enrollment Statistics by District

29th Congressional District: Total Registered Voters: 417,233; Republican: 183,338; Democratic: 122,272; Independence: 14,828; Conservative: 6,738; Working Families: 1,089; Green: 1,446; Liberal: 2,687; Right to Life: 1,617; Marijuana Reform: 13 ; Libertarian: 208; Other: 146; Blank: 82,850


If you would like to track NY State Election results, here is their Enrollments/Election Results page.

Here is the Cattaraugus County “2006 Unofficial Election Night Results” page.

Here is the Allegany County “Board of Elections Results” page.

Exit Polls

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The following was recently broadcast on CNN:


If the above is hard to read: Nationwide US House:

Left Side: Which Matters More to Your Vote? 62% National Issues; 33%; Local Issues; 5% Others

Right Side: Extremely Important to Vote: 42% Corruption; 40% Terrorism; 39% Economy; 37% Iraq

Election Tidbits from Across the Country

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(I’ll be updating this post also throughout the day. [UPDATE #1; 6:20 PM; Articles appear at end of original post.])

If you are interested in poll closing times across the nation, here’s a nifty color-coded map and a state list for your tracking pleasure.

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Not Allowed To Vote At His Home Precinct

(AP) A poll manager says that Governor Mark Sanford was turned away from his home precinct Tuesday morning because he did NOT have his voter registration card.


Voting Problems Across the Country

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Throughout the day, I’ll update this post as more reports roll in. The issue interests me, especially since New Yorkers will be using new types of machines in upcoming elections.

[UPDATE 1; 3:40 pm 1) Here is a pretty cool, color-coded map of the US showing the number of incidents of problems recorded per state. It is produced by the Election Protection Coalition. 2) Additional articles of reported problems have been added at the end of the original post.]

[UPDATE 2; 6:12 pm Additional articles added after Update #1]

I’ve already voted today, and I have never had a probem with the “lever” machines. Will today’s experience be the last time I will be able to say that I’ve never had a problem voting? I surely hope not.


And The Winner Is…

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To be announced!

I’m curious to see how many races will not have a declared winner this evening. I’ll guess that there are going to be more in this category than one would have ever expected. From MSNBC today:

With the 2006 general election fast approaching, some election observers are predicting widespread chaos at the polls. “We may be only three weeks away from repeating the 2000 Florida voting debacle,” John Fund, a Wall Street Journal columnist who wrote a book on election fraud, told the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on October 13. He warned that not one but several states could see “allegations of voter fraud, intimidation, and manipulation of voting machines [in addition to] the generalized chaos that sent that presidential election into overtime.”

Know Before You Go

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1) If you’re a registered voter, do not leave your polling location without voting. Every registered voter is entitled to cast a provisional ballot.

2) If you’re in line before the poll’s closing time, you are entitled to vote.

3) You’re entitled to view a sample ballot at the polling place before voting.

4) If you experience any problems voting or observe any irregularities, immediately call 1-888-DEM-VOTE to report the incident. In addition to providing your polling place information, by calling 1-888-DEM-VOTE you can record a complaint or speak with an election protection monitor. The line is available in English and Spanish.

If you do not want to call a Democratically supported hotline, call the Election Protection Hotline at (866) OUR-VOTE (1 866 687-8683) to report the problem you are encountering.


Today is the Day

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Exercise your right to vote. It matters.

Think about the issues, and search your heart for the answers. Have you researched the issues yourself to find the truths vs. the perceptions?

Are you satisfied with how this country is being run, or do you desire change? Have you agreed with the significant changes in our laws and the way our current government has handled their efforts in matters such as Hurricane Katrina and Terri Schiavo? How do you feel about our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Do you believe in accountability at all levels? Do you want transparent government, or do you believe in the theory of a unitary executive?

Are you better off now than you were six years ago?

I’m not asking you to tell me; I’m asking you to be honest with yourself. Let your answers guide your vote today.

October 24, 2006

7 Days @ Minimum Wage – Day 2

I encourage you to visit the site and watch the video every day during this campaign. Comments are allowed at the site for each day’s viewing.

Day 2’s video:

“On Day 2, Erin talks about needing to work increasing hours at her minimum wage, grocery store job to make ends meet.

Day 1’s video can be found here.

Again, if you have friends and/or relatives that live in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and/or Ohio, ask them to vote “Yes” on November 7. to raise the minimum wage.

October 23, 2006

7 Days @ Minimum Wage

The ALF-CIO and ACORN are sponsoring the video blog “7 Days @ Minimum Wage”. For the next seven days, we will post their link. Please click this link and watch the video.

7 Days @ Minimum Wage brings you 7 real people with 7 real stories of living on the minimum wage, hosted by Roseanne Barr and sponsored by the AFL-CIO and ACORN.

On Day 1, Denver couple Paul Valdez and Susan Windham tell their story of living on the minimum wage. Paul receives $35 for a full day’s labor in back-breaking construction work.


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