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November 15, 2006

Eric Massa’s Concession

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[NOTE: Taken from Eric Massa’s campaign website]

A Brighter Future

Now that the vast majority of the votes have been re-canvassed, and the counting of the absentee ballots is well underway, it is clear that the initial results of the election will not change. The owners of this democracy have spoken and I would like to wish Congressman Kuhl and his team the best of luck with the important work that still lies ahead.

Two years ago, when we started this journey, no one believed we would come this far. Regardless of the outcome, I still feel that this election has been a victory for all of us who believe in a brighter future for the 29th District and for the United States of America.



November 8, 2006

Kuhl/Massa Vote by County and Other Election Stuff

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Massa won’t acknowledge Kuhl win
Kuhl keeps congressional seat
Kuhl declares victory, Massa is not conceding



First – to the jerk who sent me the spam/virus “Best Buy Order Confirmation” for a SONY VAIO email, I wish a very special kind of karma for you. You put me through a hell that I just didn’t need to experience this morning.

I immediately thought that I was a victim of credit card/identity theft. That really sucked, especially since I’m running on about 3 1/2 hours sleep. You wasted over 1 1/2 hours of my time dealing with this between phone calls and virus scans already this morning.

If any of you receive this email, Best Buy Customer Service says: don’t open the email, delete it. If you did open it, do not click on the link/attachment. That will start the virus. I didn’t click the link/attachment, and that saved me. But I did run a few different scans to be on the safe side.

Now, to business. I understand that the Kuhl/Massa race has been called for Kuhl (51%-49%); however, Massa has not conceded.

NY State 147th District – Burling
NY State 149th District – Giglio
NY State Senator – Clinton
NY State Gov/LT – Spitzer/Patterson
NY State AG – Cuomo
NY State Comptroller – Hevesi
Cattaraugus Co. Dist. 5 – Couture
Allegany Co. Sheriff – Tompkins
Seneca Nation – Seneca Party takes every major office

I will post later today with additional county and Seneca Nation results and the available numbers.

November 7, 2006

Results Progress

This will be updated throughout the final counts. (please forgive the formatting.)

Cattaraugus Co.; 25 of 79 Precincts Reporting: 9:45 pm / 62 of 79, 10:10pm
JOHN RANDY KUHL, JR. (ENC) 3167 / 8633
ERIC J. MASSA 2644 / 7024
*** TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS *** 5811 / 15657

Catt.Co.;149th Assembly District; 25 of 79 Precincts Reporting; 9:45 pm / 62 of 79, 10:10 pm / FINAL
JOSEPH M. GIGLIO (ENC) 3524 / 9572 FINAL: 12,182
LINDA L. WITTE 2502 / 6751 FINAL: 8,514
*** TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS *** 6026 / 16,323 / 20,696

via WKBW;147th Assembly District; 5 of 114 Precincts Reporting; 9:45 pm / 27 of 114 reporting, 10:10 pm
JUDITH HUNTER 307 / 1811
****TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS 1085 / 6747

NY-29 via WKBW; 107 of 635 Precincts; 10:10 pm / 565 of 635 11:10 pm
KUHL: 14,193 / 87,748 51%
MASSA: 13,031 / 84,966 49%

NY-29; Monroe county; 212 of 230 Precincts Reporting 10:30pm / FINAL
Kuhl – 27,320 43.2% / 30,048 43.3%
Massa – 35,882 56.7% / 39,315 56.7%

NY-29; Cattaraugus Co. FINAL
Kuhl – 11,070 55.7%
Massa – 8,800 44.3%

NY-29; Ontario County. FINAL
Kuhl – 13,985
Massa – 13,272

NY-29; Chemung County. FINAL
Kuhl – 12,715 52%
Massa – 11,511 48%

via WKBW; NY-29; 596 of 635 reporting; 11:25 pm
Kuhl – 93734 51%
Massa – 89,437 49%

CNN is reporting that the Democratic party has already won enough (15) seats to take control of the House and have picked up 3 senate seats so far (they need six for control).

November 5, 2006

Harrassing Phone Calls?

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I received an inquiry today asking if I had received any automated telephone calls, sometimes 10 or 15 in a row, that claimed to be representing the Eric Massa for Congress Campaign. I was told that these calls are NOT from the Massa Campaign.

It appears that these calls are designed to annoy potential Massa voters so that they would stay home on election day. Apparently calls such as these are happening across this district in addition to happening in a number of tight races across the country.

I have not received any of these calls. If you receive any and have caller ID service, please make a note of the telephone number. If you have a recording of one on your answering machine, please do not erase it. Post a message here with the details, and I will make sure that the information is relayed to the proper person.

Thank you for your help in this matter. This is at the very least unethical, if not illegal, and it goes a step beyond negative advertising.

[UPDATE: 11/6/06, 1:00 pm. I’ve just talked with someone who informed me that there are reports that some residents in Allegany County have received these calls. Some of them have been called at 2:00 in the morning. Please let us know if you have received this type of call.]

Recent News on the Kuhl/Massa Race

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Hat tip to The Fighting 29th for sourcing the following recent articles on the Kuhl/Massa Congressional race:

THE CHOICE IS YOURS From Steuben County’s The Courier
Spitzer backs Massa in Canandaigua From the Finger Lakes Times
It’s a sprint to the wire for Kuhl, Massa; From the Olean Times Herald

The Fighting 29th is also reporting that President Bill Clinton will be in Rochester on Monday “to rally the faithful” and although Massa’s Monroe County schedule is not yet posted for tomorrow, we can probably safely assume that he’ll be showing up at the event.


Working Families Party Support for Eric Massa’s Campaign

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The Working Families Party is sponsoring the following items on behalf of Mr. Massa’s campaign:

Senator John Edwards phone call on behalf of Eric Massa.

Mailing #1 – Subject: Jobs

Mailing #2 – Subject: Health Care

Mailing #3 – Subject: Lower Taxes for Working Class Families

If you have not received a phone call or the mailings, click the links and check them out.

November 4, 2006

Massa’s Newest Ad on Social Security

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November 3, 2006

Check This Out!

Filed under: 2006 Campaigns,Eric Massa,Polls,Randy Kuhl — theruralpatriot @ 12:12 pm provides a graph that charts the results of the Kuhl/Massa polls. Unfortunately, I cannot show it here as this site does not allow for embedding javascript for security reasons.

Go take a look. Its quite interesting.

Follow-up to “Latest Kuhl Campaign Ad”; The Patriot Act

As noted on my last post, “Latest Kuhl Campaign Ad”:

[NOTE: The ad hits on Massa’s opposition to the Patriot Act. This is a complex subject worthy of a book, let alone a blog post. Therefore, I’m going to briefly address this in a following post. (This one is long enough already.)]

So, lets talk about the Patriot Act. From the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Latest Kuhl Campaign Print Ad

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Did You Know that Eric Massa Hates the Troops and America and wants this nation to be attacked again? You didn’t??? It could be because its not true. However, according to the latest “hit piece” from Rep. Randy Kuhl’s campaign, this must obviously be the case.

I’m getting highly annoyed and pretty tired of debunking these attack ads from Rep. Kuhl. Rep. Kuhl, when are you going to start sending out ads that detail your positions on issues instead of sending out these attack ads on Mr. Massa??? How about something positive from you, about only you, for a change? Do you have any plans for that type of advertising? You are running out of time, though. (And I could use the break from doing these reports. PLEASE???)


November 2, 2006

Buffalo News Endorses Eric Massa

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From today’s Buffalo News:

Vice President Cheney and first lady Laura Bush have stumped for incumbent freshman Rep. John R. “Randy” Kuhl of Hammondsport, who has pretty much marched in lock step with the White House. Kuhl served for 24 years as a state legislator and nine years as assistant majority leader in the dysfunctional State Senate before replacing retired Rep. Amo Houghton in this district, which stretches into Western New York’s Southern Tier.


November 1, 2006

Clinton/Massa Event in Rochester 10/30/06

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I was not there, so I’m left to news reports for some information. The choices were slim.

Hornell’s The Evening Tribune has: Hillary praises Massa in Rochester campaign stop: Visit by former first lady follows last week’s stop by another first lady, Laura Bush

Judging from the title, you’d think that the article’s coverage of the events was split between the two events. It is not. The whole article is about the Clinton/Massa event, save one odd paragraph stuck in the middle regarding the Bush visit. The paragraph references that this event was free, while the Clinton event was a fundraiser. (Which, although not mentioned in the article, cost the attendee $25 to attend.)


NY-29 Blog Roundup

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From The Fighting 29th:


Ad Tweaks and Internet Ads, which includes the new Massa commerical and an internet ad from Majority Action, which focuses on Rep. Kuhl’s opposition to stem cell research (although I don’t recall them using the word “embryonic” in the ad).

Closing Time


October 31, 2006

NRCC Phone Calls and the Candidates’ Immigration Views

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In response to a comment by “Rottenchester” in the post, Sometimes We Are Blessed, the following are transcripts of recent calls I’ve received from the NRCC in support of Rep. Kuhl’s candidacy. The first is a complete transcript. The second is a partial transcript, as I picked up the phone mid-message to talk to the caller. Either the caller didn’t engage with the recipients, or it was an automated call (although it didn’t sound automated – I could be wrong).


October 30, 2006

Newest Poll Results for NY-29

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The new, independent Majority Watch Poll results are out. 1004 Interviews were taken from 10/24 – 10/26/06; MoE is +/- 3.09%.

Results are 53% Massa / 42% Kuhl. Last poll results were 52% Massa / 40% Kuhl.

What suprised me was the change in the Southern Tier area of the District. Last poll results had Rep. Kuhl up +1; this poll has Mr. Massa up +2 for the area. However, Massa did drop 6 points in the northern area of the district; +20 now vs +26 from the last poll.


Sometimes We are Blessed

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Living where we do – in a media market that serves Buffalo vs. Rochester, Corning, or Elmira – can sometimes be more of a blessing than a hinderance in this election season. While we are being bombarded with Tom Reynolds and Jack Davis Congressional television commercials, we are not being subjected to the nasty, negative commercials for our own district, (However, we are receiving the deceptive telephone calls and mailings.)

So why the distorted, negative advertising, and what are we missing?

… Carl Forti, with a similar budget to protect the GOP majority, was playing defense. His own polls showed a growing number of House Republicans in serious trouble. Forti, 34, had little choice but to buy ads to protect suddenly at-risk Reps. Charles Bass (N.H.) and John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr. (N.Y.).


October 28, 2006

A Promise Made, A Promise Broken

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Do you Pledge to not engage in negative campaigning and advertising?

(Rep.) Kuhl – Absolutely not (meaning he will not run a negative campaign). I have never run a negative campaign and never will.

I heard the above words spoken in real time, on October 10, 2006, during the debate for Rep. Kuhl and Eric Massa held in Elmira, NY.


October 27, 2006

149th NYS Assembly Debate 10/24/06 (Part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

Seasonal workers on Western NY, and are they treated fairly?

Linda Witte:  It is one of the things to look at. It is a regional problem. If they come here to do jobs, you have to treat them fairly. You have to look at what they are doing for us. There is nothing wrong with seasonal workers coming here and being treated fairly, and this includes their children and taking care of them if they become ill.

Joe Giglio:  They are vital to our economy and farms. They are treated fairly. It is important that we protect all workers. The farmers need their help – it is an important relationship.


149th NYS Assembly Debate 10/24/06 (Part 2)

Part 1

Wind generation for Cattaraugus County and NY State?

Joe Giglio: I am in favor of alternate fuels here in Catt. Co. It might be the way to go. We should get it up and running.

Linda Witte: I would like to support it, but it needs to be something that farmers are a part of. It is frustrating when government comes in and makes decisions that comes back to us and says “why are you complaining?”. Zoning laws must be updated, but it has to be done carefully. You have to take into consideration the people you are going to affect. I support it with the people’s involvement.


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