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November 8, 2006

Kuhl/Massa Vote by County and Other Election Stuff

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First – to the jerk who sent me the spam/virus “Best Buy Order Confirmation” for a SONY VAIO email, I wish a very special kind of karma for you. You put me through a hell that I just didn’t need to experience this morning.

I immediately thought that I was a victim of credit card/identity theft. That really sucked, especially since I’m running on about 3 1/2 hours sleep. You wasted over 1 1/2 hours of my time dealing with this between phone calls and virus scans already this morning.

If any of you receive this email, Best Buy Customer Service says: don’t open the email, delete it. If you did open it, do not click on the link/attachment. That will start the virus. I didn’t click the link/attachment, and that saved me. But I did run a few different scans to be on the safe side.

Now, to business. I understand that the Kuhl/Massa race has been called for Kuhl (51%-49%); however, Massa has not conceded.

NY State 147th District – Burling
NY State 149th District – Giglio
NY State Senator – Clinton
NY State Gov/LT – Spitzer/Patterson
NY State AG – Cuomo
NY State Comptroller – Hevesi
Cattaraugus Co. Dist. 5 – Couture
Allegany Co. Sheriff – Tompkins
Seneca Nation – Seneca Party takes every major office

I will post later today with additional county and Seneca Nation results and the available numbers.

November 7, 2006

Results Progress

This will be updated throughout the final counts. (please forgive the formatting.)

Cattaraugus Co.; 25 of 79 Precincts Reporting: 9:45 pm / 62 of 79, 10:10pm
JOHN RANDY KUHL, JR. (ENC) 3167 / 8633
ERIC J. MASSA 2644 / 7024
*** TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS *** 5811 / 15657

Catt.Co.;149th Assembly District; 25 of 79 Precincts Reporting; 9:45 pm / 62 of 79, 10:10 pm / FINAL
JOSEPH M. GIGLIO (ENC) 3524 / 9572 FINAL: 12,182
LINDA L. WITTE 2502 / 6751 FINAL: 8,514
*** TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS *** 6026 / 16,323 / 20,696

via WKBW;147th Assembly District; 5 of 114 Precincts Reporting; 9:45 pm / 27 of 114 reporting, 10:10 pm
JUDITH HUNTER 307 / 1811
****TOTAL ALL DISTRICTS 1085 / 6747

NY-29 via WKBW; 107 of 635 Precincts; 10:10 pm / 565 of 635 11:10 pm
KUHL: 14,193 / 87,748 51%
MASSA: 13,031 / 84,966 49%

NY-29; Monroe county; 212 of 230 Precincts Reporting 10:30pm / FINAL
Kuhl – 27,320 43.2% / 30,048 43.3%
Massa – 35,882 56.7% / 39,315 56.7%

NY-29; Cattaraugus Co. FINAL
Kuhl – 11,070 55.7%
Massa – 8,800 44.3%

NY-29; Ontario County. FINAL
Kuhl – 13,985
Massa – 13,272

NY-29; Chemung County. FINAL
Kuhl – 12,715 52%
Massa – 11,511 48%

via WKBW; NY-29; 596 of 635 reporting; 11:25 pm
Kuhl – 93734 51%
Massa – 89,437 49%

CNN is reporting that the Democratic party has already won enough (15) seats to take control of the House and have picked up 3 senate seats so far (they need six for control).

Voter Breakdown / Election Results Links

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Data from New York State’s Board of Elections site.

NYS Voter Enrollment Statistics by County; November 1, 2006

Allegany County: Total Registered Voters: 28,300; Republican: 14, 781; Democratic: 7,140; Independence: 925; Conservative: 396; Working Families: 120; Green: 96; Liberal 188; Right to Life: 114; Other: 7; Blank 4,533

Cattaraugus County: Total Registered Voters: 54,502; Republican: 21,768; Democratic: 18,475; Independence: 1,873; Conservative: 1,113; Working Families: 208; Green: 173; Liberal: 460; Right to Life: 332; Marijuana Reform: 2; Libertarian: 5; Other: 17; Blank: 10,076

NYS Voter Enrollment Statistics by District

29th Congressional District: Total Registered Voters: 417,233; Republican: 183,338; Democratic: 122,272; Independence: 14,828; Conservative: 6,738; Working Families: 1,089; Green: 1,446; Liberal: 2,687; Right to Life: 1,617; Marijuana Reform: 13 ; Libertarian: 208; Other: 146; Blank: 82,850


If you would like to track NY State Election results, here is their Enrollments/Election Results page.

Here is the Cattaraugus County “2006 Unofficial Election Night Results” page.

Here is the Allegany County “Board of Elections Results” page.

November 3, 2006

Judith Hunter/NY State Assemby Video

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Ms. Hunter is running as the Democratic Candidate in NY State’s 147th Assembly District

How refreshing it is to see an ad like this! Nicely done.

September 25, 2006

Massa, Witte, Hunter and Fineberg-Duckett in Cuba

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Yesterday, Allegany County Democrats held an event at Moonwinks Restaurant in Cuba, NY.  Attending and speaking were Eric Massa, Candidate for NY District 29 House of Representatives, Linda Witte, Candidate for NYS Assembly-149th District, Judith Hunter, Candidate for NYS Assembly-147th District, and Allegany County Democratic chairman Lisa Fineberg-Duckett.


August 14, 2006

Wal-Mart: Friend or Foe?

Earlier this spring, we were informed that there was a possibility that Wal-Mart stores might be built in Salamanca and Wellsville.  At this point, I’ve not been able to verify where those plans stand as of now.

Salamanca Area Chamber of Commerce President Susan Zaprowski thought “it would be terrific”.  Salamanca Planning Board Chairman Michael Zaprowski said, “We certainly could use a project like this.” Joe Roosa, one of the possible developers of the project, said “It will be good news for Salamanca”. 

State Sen. Catharine Young, R-Olean, said, “I think it’s important to open up the area for development because of the positive economic benefits.”

Personally, I think that it would be just great … for Wal-Mart.


August 8, 2006

Pork is in the Proof (and You are Paying for It)

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The Post-Standard, a Syracuse newspaper, has prepared a Special Report titled “Proof is in the Pork”on how the state’s top three leaders control a $1.2 billion slush fund”.  Although this report was prepared in October, 2004, I feel that it is still an important topic worthy of review, especially in light of Governor Pataki’s (presumed) presidential aspirations.

The three men who run New York’s government have stuck state taxpayers with $1 billion in debt over the last seven years to pay for a series of secretive slush funds under their tight control.

Gov. George Pataki, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno pulled it off with a tactic that, while legal, skirts the state constitution’s requirement that new state debt be approved by voters.

The three used their dominance of a loosely regulated arm of state government called public authorities to borrow the money. The governor and legislature committed the workers who pay New York’s income tax to a decade or more of repayment — plus interest.


July 21, 2006

Poverty, Population, and the Unemployment Rate

Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties face the issues of poverty and stagnant or decreasing population growth rate. It is also worthwhile to examine the unemployment figures for these two counties.

According to the 2003 Census, Cattaraugus ranks 53rd and Allegany ranks 57th of the 63 counties in New York State’s poverty statistics. We are definitely at the bottom 20% of this list.

From 1990 to 2005, Allegany County increased its population by 132 (50,470 to 50,602), a +0.26% increase. Cattaraugus County decreased its population level by 1732 (84,234 to 82,502), a -2.06% decrease.

Our unemployment numbers have risen; however, they are still at low levels. From 2000 to 2005, Allegany County went from 4.9% to 5.6%; Cattaraugus County went from 4.5% to 5.5%.


July 20, 2006


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Being a resident in Allegany or Cattaraugus County has its advantages. We are far from the maddening traffic jams that city drivers endure. The landscape that surrounds us is a gift that keeps on giving. Folks are friendly, and chances are that you know your neighbors. We tend to look after and help each other out. The quality of the air we breathe is much cleaner, and our crime rate is much lower than that of city and urban areas.

Living here, however, does present challenges. Some of these challenges are met and are handled with commendable ability. I tip my hat to our winter road crews – we certainly get more than our fair share of snow here. To our volunteer fire, ambulance and paramedic crews – I salute you. You exemplify the true spirit and heart of the rural community.

Unfortunately, our counties do face issues such as job growth rate, stagnant population growth, and poverty. We also face issues that many citizens in the United States are now facing. Senior citizens are trying to cope with the new Medicare D plan. Parents and/or students are struggling with trying to pay for their higher-education tuition. The “No Child Left Behind Act” seems to be having unwanted consequences in school districts across the nation. Gasoline will soon be $3.00 a gallon and will probably continue to rise. Health insurance costs, if you are lucky enough to have it, seem to rise every year. Have you received a tax cut and is it covering these rising costs? Most of us can say, “No!”. And the new bankruptcy law has made it more difficult for those who are in dire need due to medical/unforeseen costs to receive relief.

It doesn’t matter who we are – Democrats, Independents, Republicans, No Party Affiliation, etc., we are all affected by these issues. What is decided upon at the local, state, and federal levels impact each of our lives.


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