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December 7, 2006

Spitzer’s Bi-Partisan Efforts

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Governor-Elect Eliot Spitzer was in Washington yesterday; a meeting was set up with the New York Delegation. Guess who didn’t show up:

None of the six returning GOP members of Congress from New York nor any of their staff attended. Some Republican aides complained of receiving very late notice of the meeting set up by Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, and others said they didn’t expect anything important to be discussed.

Not even staff members??? Can it be that NY State’s republicans, including our Representative, Randy Kuhl, didn’t think that this meeting was important enough in establishing and fostering a relationship with our new governor?

As a candidate, Spitzer stressed how he wanted to “organize” the often scattershot congressional delegation from New York, consisting of 29 representatives and two senators.

Even after missing a half-dozen of them at the first meeting, Spitzer said Wednesday he wanted to get them working together to bring back more federal dollars for New York.
(emphasis mine)

Republicans are not the majority party any longer, either at the federal or state level. Its time to start shedding the old ways of doing business and embrace unfamiliar ways for the benefit of the citizens of our state.


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  1. Now is not the time to slack. Now is the time to take stock of lessons learned in the 2006 campaign season. Did candidates have enough people on the ground to get the? Do your local activists need campaign training? Now is the time to address these issues—not in the heat of the next campaign.

    For anyone who recently worked on a campaign, now is the time to lay the groundwork for what to do differently. Now is the time to make plans to stay connected with the campaign volunteers you met along the way–these same people are most likely going to be around for the next major campaign.

    One suggestion to stay connected is to form your own Democracy for America group. It’s simple–go to and create a group. This group organizing/event planning website is free and easy to use. Spread the word about the group and how to register. Then start having meetings or events. Do anything to keep the contacts alive–do community service volunteer work, have planning sessions, find out who wants to run for office and start planning for that. Have a movie night…have a potluck supper. Get a group together and write letters to Spitzer telling him you are counting on his promised support for Clean Money, Clean Elections!

    The 50-state strategy works…is your area ready??

    Comment by Tom — December 9, 2006 @ 1:53 pm | Reply

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