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November 9, 2006

Seneca Nation Unofficial Results

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Unofficial results from November 7, 2006 Seneca Nation Elections:

President, Maurice A. “Moe” John, 1,541; clerk, Jacqueline Bowen, 1,533; treasurer, Kevin Seneca, 1,522; Tribal Council, Cattaraugus, Linda Doxtator, 1,537, Travis Jimerson, 1,530; Richard E. Nephew, 1,522 and Michael C. Williams, 1,529; Allegany, Tina Abrams, 1,365, Richard Frank, 1,377, Al George, 1,546 and Rodney Pierce, 1,529.

Chief marshal, Cattaraugus, Dana Torres, 1,504; Allegany, Brandon Redeye, 1,536; police marshals, Cattaraugus, William F. “Snooky” Brooks, 1,536, Michael Redeye Jr., 1,520 and Keith White, 1532; Allegany, John Clark, 1,530, Allie George, 1,552 and Clifford “CJ” Pierce, 1,499; assessors, Cattaraugus, Joni Jackson, 1,527, Lloyd Mohawk, 1,527 and Monica Redeye, 1,533; Allegany, Carolyn Brant, 1,486, Evelyn George-Shongo, 1,514 and John Redeye, 1,497; highway commissioner, Cattaraugus, Patricia “Trish” Patterson, 1,457; Allegany, Lana Redeye, 1,490; poormaster, Cattaraugus, Irma Conant, 1,438; Allegany, Rae Lynn George, 1,547.

Votes for the Seneca Alliance Party are: President, Rickey L. Armstrong Sr., 1,114; clerk, Judy Jimerson, 1,003; treasurer, Geraldine “Bird” Huff, 1,214; Tribal Council, Cattaraugus, Richard “Rick” Jemison, 960, Scott B. Maybee, 1,044, Lisa Ann Maybee, 1,041 and Nikki C. Seneca, 1,050; Allegany, Maxine Snyder Jimerson, 874, Ross Lamont Ledsome, 991, Duane James Ray, 951 and Donald F. White Jr., 992.

Chief marshal, Cattaraugus, Daryll Jimerson, 1,032; Allegany, Timothy Kenton Ledsome, 971; police marshals, Cattaraugus, Patty L. Cook, 937, David K. Isaac, 1,002 and Tennyson “Goon” Twoguns Jr., 1,007 ; Allegany, Donovan Lee Abrams, 927, Jamie M. Jimerson, 948 and Brian Wayne Murphy, 919; assessors, Cattaraugus, Gerald “Chief” Jimerson, 1,018, Marcella Kateri Kane, 965 and Ronald L. Warrior, 999; Allegany, Edwin Rodney Crouse, 954, Sheila M. Jones-Kettle, 958, and Penny S. Seneca, 978; highway commissioner, Cattaraugus, Cyrus M. Schindler Jr., 1,090; Allegany, Lillian Pierce Jimerson, 957; poormaster, Cattaraugus, Amy J. Silverheels-Stevens, 1,064; Allegany, Lillian J. Taylor, 973.

Anson C. Bova, an independent candidate for one of the four Tribal Council seats available at the Allegany Reservation, received 19 votes.


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  1. sheila rae

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Rachael Ray.

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