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November 7, 2006

Know Before You Go

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1) If you’re a registered voter, do not leave your polling location without voting. Every registered voter is entitled to cast a provisional ballot.

2) If you’re in line before the poll’s closing time, you are entitled to vote.

3) You’re entitled to view a sample ballot at the polling place before voting.

4) If you experience any problems voting or observe any irregularities, immediately call 1-888-DEM-VOTE to report the incident. In addition to providing your polling place information, by calling 1-888-DEM-VOTE you can record a complaint or speak with an election protection monitor. The line is available in English and Spanish.

If you do not want to call a Democratically supported hotline, call the Election Protection Hotline at (866) OUR-VOTE (1 866 687-8683) to report the problem you are encountering.

“If you observe an instance where the system has obviously and egregiously failed (unattended voting machines, machine malfunction, poor machine allocation resulting in long lines, voter intimidation, possible vote fraud, etc.) then document it as best you can, and do not wait to make noise about it to the local and national media.”

Call one of the hotlines above. If you are not comfortable with calling media, post a comment here with your details, and we will call attention to the problem.

Know your rights, and don’t be intimidated into not voting. Call attention to problems you or others have encountered. The integrity of our vote is of utmost importance. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.


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