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November 3, 2006

Latest Kuhl Campaign Print Ad

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Did You Know that Eric Massa Hates the Troops and America and wants this nation to be attacked again? You didn’t??? It could be because its not true. However, according to the latest “hit piece” from Rep. Randy Kuhl’s campaign, this must obviously be the case.

I’m getting highly annoyed and pretty tired of debunking these attack ads from Rep. Kuhl. Rep. Kuhl, when are you going to start sending out ads that detail your positions on issues instead of sending out these attack ads on Mr. Massa??? How about something positive from you, about only you, for a change? Do you have any plans for that type of advertising? You are running out of time, though. (And I could use the break from doing these reports. PLEASE???)

Here’s the newest flyer: Senior citizen couple at a kitchen or dining room table, the man is holding his head at eyebrow level and is looking worried. Page 1: “Sure I have concerns about the war…” Page 2: “…but Eric Massa’s extreme views will put America and our troops at risk.” (Same seniors, same expressions, but positions are reversed; man is still holding his head with one hand.)

Eric Massa does not support the Patriot Act that has helped prevent terrorist attacks in the United States and is being supported by extreme liberal groups who want us to negotiate with terrorists and cut miltary spending in the War on Terror.

Page 4: “Eric Massa’s extreme views on the War on Terror are dangerous.” “I think negotiating with terrorists and tying the hands of law enforcement is dangerous. Eric Massa’s views are pretty extreme.”(Same picture as on page 1.)

Page 3 contains the real guts of the ad. “Eric Massa’s views put us all at risk”; “Eric Massa is too extreme for Western New York and the Southern Tier”. (Oh, please; give me a break. Can you tell I’ve had my fill of this?) There is a lot of unspecific verbage; he sure does use the words extreme and liberal a lot. One “extreme liberal group” is named – “Council for a Livable World”; to me, this sounds like something Jesus would belong to. Headings include: Eric Massa opposes the Patriot Act.

“Eric Massa has publicly stated that he supports extreme liberal groups that want to repeal the Patriot Act.”

And, check out this sly wording:

“He was the featured speaker at a meeting of a group that believes America must not be allowed to protect itself from terrorists by prohibiting the ‘giving [of] material support to terrorists'”. (pretty slick, huh? emphasis mine)

The Patriot Act is a topic in itself; please see the end of this post regarding the issue.
Next Header: “Eric Massa’s extreme views will put us all at risk”.

Instead of trying to strengthen our security and prevent future attacks, Eric Mass’s [no typo] has allied himself with groups who want to encourage terrorists by negotiating with the Taliban and other radical Islamic terrorists.

Speaking of negotiation with the Taliban, were you aware that Afghan President Hamid Karzai is trying to do just that for peace talks? From Reuters, 10/28/06:

Karzai on Friday repeated his offer for talks if the Taliban leadership met several conditions, including ending support from elements in Pakistan and the involvement of foreign fighters.”The Taliban will not negotiate in the presence of foreign forces and will continue their armed jihad under Mullah Omar’s leadership until the ouster of foreign forces,” Agha said.

And it looks like NATO is also negotiating. From October 23, 2006:

Talks are underway between the Taliban and NATO forces – through tribal elders – over the pullout of troops from 12 districts along the Pakistan Afghan border, providing the Taliban make concessions to the NATO forces and agree not to attack their bases in those Afghan provinces where the deal is signed, North Waziristan-based sources told Adnkronos International (AKI). “So far all 12 districts are situated from Kandahar to Kunar, but later on there would be a consideration for other districts situated in Nangarhar province,” sources maintained.

I am sure that the Bush Administration is aware of the negotiations last month. If they had a problem with this, I’d bet it would not be happening.

In the last paragraph on this page, Rep. Kuhl even attacks groups who are supporting Mr. Massa. This is one way to project a particular group’s positions and make it seem as though Massa 100% represents their views.

Massa’s allies want deep cuts in military spending”… “Our troops need to have the necessary equipment to defeat the terrorists and keep themselves safe. Eric Massa’s extreme views are putting our troops and our country at risk.”

Where to start. How about with the truth regarding Massa’s positions on National Security, Homeland Security, and the Iraq War. This is taken directly from Mr. Massa’s campaign website:

National Security

1. 1. Fully fund and equip the military to deal with 21st century threats. We could start low-tech, with things like body armor. But modern threats demand cutting-edge military technology. Cold War era hardware is not suited to tracking down terrorists or countering urban insurgents.
2. 2. Repair our shredded relationships with other countries, and rebuild our vital international partnerships, for progress in the war on terror. In all of the great victories of the past century, we have been at the center of a broad coalition of international allies: World War II, the Cold War, or even the Persian Gulf War.
3. 3. Fully implement the 9-11 Commission recommendations, ASAP. Failure to implement our country’s best thinking here is simply unacceptable. Senator Max Cleland, a true American hero and patriot, resigned from the Commission in protest over the Administration’s and Congress’s foot-dragging and resistance.
4. 4. Launch an “Apollo Project” for U.S. energy independence. Our addiction to foreign oil is the source of some of the greatest problems we face today, and it’s hard to see a way to real national security without addressing it. It regularly puts us in situations that require military action because there’s oil at stake. See my “Energy” platform.

Homeland Security

… Katrina was a good indicator of what we can expect should another massive terrorist attack occur – let alone another season with two or three major hurricanes. This is sheer incompetence, and we can’t afford it. I have four proposals – some not at all original – for building genuine Homeland Security.

* 1. Fully implement the 9-11 Commission recommendations, ASAP. Failure to implement our country’s best thinking here is simply unacceptable.

* 2. Upgrade U.S. infrastructure, especially transportation and communications, to resist terrorist attack and natural disaster.

* 3. Fix FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), in four steps:
o – Staff it. Professional, experienced disaster management is mandatory.

o – Elevate it. FEMA should be made a cabinet-level position.

o – Fund it. The organization must have sufficient funding to accomplish its mission.

o – Move it. FEMA could do its job more effectively located in the mid-West, outside the political context of Washington, D.C.

* 4. Create a Civilian Recovery Corps, to facilitate disaster recovery efforts. We can follow the model of President Franklin Roosevelt’s successful public works programs, and draw upon the resourcefulness of the American people and the logistical expertise of our Military, create thousands of jobs, and speed the restoration of devastated areas.

There are three key components to my position on Iraq:

A Political Solution: Separate the Warring Parties. There are limits to what military power can accomplish alone. With a sensible diplomatic and political strategy, and with the cooperation of our allies, we can implement a solution similar to the NATO plan that resolved the Bosnian conflict. In that ethnic and religious civil war, we separated the warring parties, created a loose federation of three semi-autonomous states, and then allowed them to develop their own government. Without addressing the underlying ethnic, religious, and economic tensions, no peace treaty or constitution can endure.

An Exit Strategy: Out in less than 24 Months. President Bush recently announced: “We’re not leaving so long as I’m the president.” This is unacceptable. The Administration needs to admit its mistakes and seek alternative solutions rather than simply prolonging the war until it becomes somebody else’s problem. To better combat terrorism, and help stabilize the region, we need to redeploy the military to a mission with realistic goals that can be accomplished. Accordingly, US Commanders should begin planning a redeployment to be completed within the next twenty-four months.

Accountability: The Key to the Future. Congress has a Constitutional obligation to hold this administration accountable for its failures and for the ever-rising human cost of this endless war. The Republican-controlled Congress has continually failed in its oversight responsibilities by simply rubber-stamping a string of questionable policies. That is not leadership—and the veterans, voters, and taxpayers of the 29th District deserve better.

Still think that Massa is a “extreme and dangerous”? Afterall, he only has 24 years of military experience. He just might know what he’s talking about on these issues.

Please, Rep. Kuhl, stop these insane ads. They do not reflect very highly on your campaign strategy. They make you look desperate instead of confident. And time is running out. November 7 is just 4 days away. Please don’t make me have to write another post debunking another negative ad. I have other things that I should be doing with my time.

[NOTE: The ad also hits on Massa’s opposition to the Patriot Act. This is a complex subject worthy of a book, let alone a blog post. Therefore, I’m going to briefly address this in a following post. (This one is already long enough.)]



  1. I was pretty happy to have Randy’s glossy list of lies handy on the counter this morning. I used it to scoop up a dead wasp and into the trash it went.

    Comment by Dog Mom — November 3, 2006 @ 10:17 am | Reply

  2. Thanks for the laugh, Dog Mom! I needed that!

    Comment by theruralpatriot — November 3, 2006 @ 10:35 am | Reply

  3. When they go negative then we have to respond and its hard to respond possitive to negative lies. If they ran possitive ads then we could just praise the best and some minor clean-up for the lies that would still show up. As it is now it turns the whole affair from the politicians to the pundits and talking heads on through the bloggers and the average voters into a very ugly negative routine. Maybe if politics weren’t so nasty people wouldn’t tune out so quickly.

    Thanks again RP!

    Comment by Kilgore Trout — November 3, 2006 @ 2:30 pm | Reply

  4. More Junk Ads and Calls

    29th district residents are besieged by an onslaught of direct mail and robo calls. The Rural Patriot reports on a mailer that tells us how Eric Massa loves terrorists, hates the troops, and kicks his dog nightly. Rochesterturning takes a

    Trackback by The Fighting 29th — November 3, 2006 @ 3:21 pm | Reply

  5. HO!hi.
    Good article!

    Comment by kelly — February 2, 2007 @ 4:56 am | Reply

  6. HI,

    Comment by kelly — February 3, 2007 @ 3:23 am | Reply

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