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October 18, 2006

Pataki PAC Generosity

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George Pataki’s political action committee has recently donated funds to candidates in New Hampshire, California, Michigan, Delaware and Iowa. He has also given to Dennis Hastert (R-IL; Speaker of the House), and $200,000 to the New York State GOP.

The newest filing from the 21st Century Freedom PAC, which is Pataki’s federal testing-the-waters committee, shows the governor doling out $122,600 to candidates in other states, including $57,000 to GOP efforts in New Hampshire, which holds the first-in-the-nation primary in 2008.

Back home, Pataki was less generous, giving $18,000 to three candidates, including embattled U.S. Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds, R-Clarence, according to a review of his campaign filing submitted Friday with the Federal Elections Commission. The period covers July through September.

As Republicans are fighting to keep their stronghold in the State Senate in New York, Pataki dug deep into his pockets to help Republicans in New Hampshire retain their control over the State Senate there. Back home, the governor’s party, which he has controlled for 12 years, has been losing clout increasingly in recent years, with Democrats eyeing a possible statewide sweep this year.

The article states that this money came from state employees who donated to the PAC in August, and who had worked for the Pataki administration.

If you would like to review the FEC data for this PAC, here it is. I saw three names of NY State Congressional candidates as recipients: Raymond A. Meier , Tom Reynolds, and John E. Sweeney. Randy Kuhl was not listed as a recipient.

Nothing like planning for two years from now. (kisses, XOXOXO, kisses…)


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