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October 9, 2006

Eric Massa Press Release on North Korean Nuclear Activity

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Massa Responds to North Korean Nuclear Test

…Massa said that this development “fundamentally changes the nature of the security situation in the Pacific.” …

“The Bush Administration and its allies in Congress have been in a state of denial over the real threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea,” said Massa. “Now, because of this administration’s uncompromising focus on a war of attrition in Iraq, our national security options are severely limited.” Massa has been an outspoken critic of the Bush Administration’s foreign and military policies – particularly with regard to the war in Iraq, which he has often described as a distraction from the effort to combat terrorism.

He further cited the ongoing Iraq war as having severely strained our strategic relationships with South Korea, Japan, and Australia – a situation that will hamper our diplomatic efforts at containment. “This development makes clear both the absolute necessity of rebuilding our alliances and the unacceptable danger of failing to do so,” said Massa.

Drawing upon his military experience in the Pacific Theater, Massa said that the development of a nuclear-armed North Korea underscored the necessity for new leadership in Washington. “I call upon Congress and this administration to immediately engage the Republic of China to use their leverage over the North Koreans to bring about a true North Korean unilateral disarmament.” Massa said. He cautioned, however, that “this will take a level of diplomatic skill that has not been seen in this country for the past 5 years – exactly the sort of skill and expertise that I along with other new members of Congress will bring to Washington.”

Full text is available at the above link.


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