The Rural Patriot

October 8, 2006

Interesting observation

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that we decided to take a long drive. Our drive took us through Franklinville, Ellicottville, Little Valley, South Dayton and all the hamlets and communities along that route.

Ellicottville was full of people enjoying the fall festival. Our entire route was painted with the gorgeous fall foliage and signs of this year’s harvest. We traveled along Route 242 and then off through Leon, East Leon and the heart of the Conewango Valley. Along the way were campaign posters. Many posters for Catherine Young, Faso, Spitzer and Giglio. We saw dozens of Eric Massa posters and many for Linda Witte in areas that are traditional Republican areas. Our trip took us along Route 5 South and the picturesque Lake Erie grape belt. We eventually reached Erie, Pennsylvania. Along Route 5 in Pennsy there were lots of Rendel and Casey signs along with a few Santorum signs. Following an afternoon of sightseeing at Presque Isle, a lovely meal and shopping at MillCreek Mall we returned to Cattaraugus County. During the entire 240 mile journey I didn’t see one poster for Randy Kuhl. I think that’s kind of interesting that nowhere was there a poster for Kuhl. In years past Amo Houghton would have signs with the New York State Republican candidates. I’m not sure what to make of the anomaly. Are the New York State Republicans running away from the national Republicans? Is Randy Kuhl being written off? What do you make of that?



  1. He has a few here and there. But Massa has more in front of homes! Even in front of Republican homes.

    Comment by LV Veteran — October 8, 2006 @ 8:19 pm | Reply

  2. I am actually getting a little worried about the apparent inactivity of the Kuhl crowd. He has a pile of money and yet there seems to be so little action. Is he that oblivious and arrogant – I hope – or are we going to get hit with a last minute media blitz tearing Massa apart – for no good reason, of course. Kathy

    Comment by Kathy Bambrick — October 9, 2006 @ 12:48 am | Reply

  3. My guess is the last minute media blitz and the last “72 hr.GOTV” effort. Time will tell.

    Comment by theruralpatriot — October 9, 2006 @ 12:23 pm | Reply

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