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October 6, 2006

Massa Press Release on Yesterday’s Debate

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(To read the complete press release, click the link.)

Massa Wins First Debate

During the 35-minute debate, first-time candidate Massa challenged Kuhl to defend his record on some of the most critical issues facing voters in the 29th District: the war in Iraq, creating jobs, and the rising costs of health care. Kuhl attempted to distract attention from his support for failed Bush Administration policies by citing examples of government spending he had helped secure for projects in New York. Massa campaign manager Mike Nolan said after the debate, “Eric did an extraordinary job against a professional politician with years of debate experience.”

Massa highlighted Kuhl’s votes to cut vital domestic programs like Medicare and Medicaid, Veterans benefits and education, and for free trade programs like CAFTA-programs that have cost the District thousands of jobs-and his ongoing support for Bush’s policies in Iraq. “Stay the course is not a strategy,” Massa reminded the audience, “it is a talking point. We need to change the course.”

Perhaps most striking were Kuhl’s closing remarks, where he cited the response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster as an example of government functioning at its best, a remark that prompted an incredulous laugh from much of the audience.

(A short clip of the Katrina remark can be found here at You Tube. Where the tape cuts off, Mr. Kuhl continues saying, “”You can laugh if you want, but if you want to look at the Congress responding in two days to spend $10 million…)

Mr. Kuhl’s campaign website has not posted a press release regarding yesterday’s event at the time of this writing.


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