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October 5, 2006

Kuhl and Clinton on Foley Scandal

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Yesterday, I posted regarding WNY elected officials response to the ongoing Mark Foley House Page scandal. I had noted that Representatives Kuhl and Higgins, and that Senators Clinton and Schumer had not commented anything publicly regarding tis situation. Today, I present what I have been able to source regarding Representative Kuhl and Senator Clinton.

Congressman Randy Kuhl:

(through his spokesman, Bob Van Wicklin) From The Olean Times Herald; print article 10/4/06; online article not available at time of this post.

A spokesman for Rep. Kuhl said today that the House and FBI were investigating the events surrounding Rep. Foley’s inappropriate e-mails and sexually explicit instant messages with House pages. “It remains to be seen who had knowledge of any inappropriate behavior for Rep. Foley”, said Bob Van Wicklin.

As for calling for House Republican leaders to resign over the Foley scandal, Mr. Van Wicklin said the leadership is facing election in their home districts next month, and their leadership posts in the House after that.
Mr. Van Wicklin said, “As for former Congressman Foley, Randy hasn’t been around Washington long enough to know anything about him but feels that he should be punished to the full extent of the law as quickly as possible.”

“It would be too soon to comment on anyone else’s roles in the matter until the FBI and House Ethics Committee have completed investigations,” he added.

And, from the Elmira Star Gazette:

“I’m upset about it,” Kuhl said. “It’s sickening. I sponsored a page down there. She had a marvelous time and learned a lot.”

All of this activity all happened before I was even there. Isn’t it interesting it all just comes out now? My opponent is trying to capitalize. I think that’s scurrilous. It’s just outrageous for them to try to do that.”

The following is the only item I was able to source for Senator Hillary Clinton:

This is really a decision first and foremost for Republicans themselves and second for voters,” Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., said.

“Power has really taken over and consumed the current Republican majority on every issue you can imagine,” she said. “I think that unfortunately this incident fits in that pattern.”


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