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October 2, 2006

Don’t Vote!

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(Do I have your attention now?)

I saw the best commercial yesterday on CNN. It starts with a good number of people, all different ages and ethnic backgrounds, saying just one thing: “Don’t Vote”. It wasn’t until about three quarters of the way through the ad, the message came through:

“Don’t vote until you know where the candidates stand on the issues.”

They then gave an address of the website Don’t Vote.

I went and visited the website, and I will say that it’s very informational and well organized. It breaks down each states’ governor’s and federal races, including candidates for each district. It also contains tools that helps a voter determine which district they reside in, how to register to vote, research, voting early (if applicable) or by mail, and how to find your polling location. It is a very well put-together website. The right-hand sidebar provides “Latest News” articles for your review.

This site is produced by AARP. I commend them for their great effort and for echoing the exact sentiment that I have been trying to relay on this site. Don’t vote blindly; don’t vote for a candidate just because of party affiliation. Inform yourself and vote based on your knowledge of the candidate’s positions. Cast an informed vote; take the responsibility and learn everything you can about these candidates before November 7.   I cannot stress enough the importance of doing this.


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