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September 29, 2006

Clinton on US/Canadian Trade Restrictions

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(UPDATE:  Senator Clinton’s report, “Barriers Faced by New York State Agricultural Producers to Trade with Canada”, can be viewed at this link.)

Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton released a 14-page report yesterday that details Canadian trade barriers, especially in relation to New York products. In her speech, she outlined how this is impacting New York businesses who produce fruit, dairy, and additional products, and spoke of the reverse impact on Canadian producers in relation to trade laws.

In addition to forcing American exporters to deal with food safety codes Canada unilaterally uses, other tactics employed by Canadian authorities to stop American goods at the border, she said, include subjecting U.S. milk producers to deal with complicated documents, effectively repudiating the documents they already have from American producers and applying arcane rules to tax U.S. goods up to nearly four times their value.

“The magnitude of Canadian trade barriers is particularly striking when one compares New York apple exports to Canada with New York apple exports to the United Kingdom,” Clinton said.

“New York ships two to three times more apples to the United Kingdom than to Canada, despite the fact that New York shares a border with Canada and the United Kingdom is thousands of miles away and across the Atlantic Ocean,” Clinton said.

She quoted an unnamed Finger Lakes wine producers saying, “We don’t feel that it’s fair to have our neighbors to the North feeding off of our core customers with government dollars subsidizing their efforts, while we are powerless to do anything.”

The USTR, she said, “must put the Canadian government on notice that the U.S. will not continue to let the Canadian government hide behind bureaucratic hurdles to protect their market while the U.S. offers free access to our market for Canadian producers.”


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