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September 27, 2006

Last Night’s Spitzer/Faso Debate

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Spitzer called on Faso to explain his “no” votes on an anti-stalking law, a bill to prohibit police from making rape victims take lie-detector tests and a measure that would have set pay scales in the private sector to ensure equal compensation for men and women.

Faso touted his plan to cut the state income tax by 25 percent and eliminate it altogether for married couples earning less than $50,000 and singles earning less than $25,000. He has called for capping property taxes and ending taxes on capital gains and dividends, saying the cuts would pay for themselves by encouraging new business development in New York.

The more you think and the more you know about Mr. Spitzer, you know he’s going to raise your taxes,” said Faso, who accused Spitzer of “not leveling” with voters.

Spitzer said he would not raise taxes and attacked Faso, who is also backed by the Conservative Party, on his Assembly voting record. He pointed to Faso’s votes against an anti-stalking bill and a measure shielding rape victims from lie detector tests.

“How can you look at women in the State of New York and expect them to support you?” Spitzer demanded. “Don’t these votes support your own party’s determination [that] when the issues are the most important, you march to a very bizarre drummer?”

Faso said of Spitzer, “he’s not leveling with the people of this state” on a no-tax-increase pledge, saying a Spitzer proposal to extend a five-cent-a-container deposit now collected on soft drink containers to bottled water and noncarbonated drinks represented “$500 million in nickels and dimes from the people of this state just so he can spend it.”

Spitzer said calling the bottle bill a tax was “silly” — the purpose was to get trash off the streets — and said, “there will be no tax increase in a Spitzer administration.”

Spitzer said he would find $11 billion to help expand education aid by cutting waste and patronage, and that the cost of expanded health insurance he proposes for the uninsured would be offset by savings from preventative treatments.

The debate was held at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. There will be an additional debate held in Buffalo on October 12.


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