The Rural Patriot

September 24, 2006

Real Terror

This morning on my way to Mass at Mt. Irenaeus I stopped at the Giant Food Mart in Cuba to buy some eggs, coffee cake and cider. On my way into the store I spied a Cuba Patriot. On the cover was a color picture of a couple of local residents sitting with Eric Massa, Linda Witte and Judith Hunter discussing our failed health care system with community residents and health care providers. Noticeably absent from the meeting were incumbent Congressman Randy Kuhl and Assemblyman Joe Giglio. All three candidates present support redesigning our health care system. Existing health care programs put doctors in a pinch, don’t address patient needs for both preventive or acute care. The system only benefits insurance carriers who reap tremendous sums of money from a system designed to maximize their benefits.

The medical care nightmare is a real terror for most of our citizens especially the 45 million un-insured Americans. We’re all paying for the wrecked system that has been created by a legislative health care cabal that penalizes patients, doctors and hospitals. It’s a broken system that is costing local taxpayers millions of dollars annually. Simple universal health care for all Americans would cost taxpayers about 500 billion dollars a year less than the current system, but a well orchestrated campaign that relies heavily of fear and misinformation is in place that keeps voters from getting the real story.

This system of phony answers has created a system that benefits only insurance companies and is driving up taxes to pay for increased medical costs. As taxes increase businesses leave and citizens are taking a double hit of increased property taxes and lower and lower paying jobs. I have to wonder if Randy Kuhl and Joe Giglio were invited to the meeting and if they were invited what can explain their absence. Where do Randy Kuhl and Joe Giglio stand on the health care crisis that effects all of us?


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