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September 19, 2006

Seneca Party Cattaraugus Territory Caucus

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(Source: The Salamanca Press.  An asterik (*) denotes the winner(s) for each position.)

“The Seneca voters have selected a slate of candidates that are qualified, experienced, community minded and possess a untied goal of doing what is best for the Seneca Nation,” said Brenda Deegan, chairperson of advertising and promotions for the party. “All the candidates would like to thank the voters for their support and confidence. We had record numbers of voters for each of the caucuses.”

Treasurer: Kevin Seneca* (471) (unopposed)

Tribal Councillors: Linda Doxtator* (370); Richard Nephew* (280); Michael C. Williams* (248); Travis Jimerson* (212); Cheryl John (207); Daniel “Danny” Williams (194); Lanny Bennett (166); Lucille Good-White (128); Sue Lindgren-Memmo (118); Kenny White (108); Kenneth “Hoon” White, Jr. (108); Joel Perez (93)

Chief Marshall: Thomas “Tom” Thompson, Sr.* (314); Michael General (234)

Marshalls: Dana Torres* (378); Michael Redeye* (349); William “Snooky” Brooks (318); Keith White (309); Ramon Vargas (229)

Highway Commissioner: Patricia “Trish” Patterson* (334);  Elmer Logan (198)

Poormaster: Irma Cortes-Conant* (301); Charisse A. Jimerson (247)

Assessors: Joni Jackson (430); Monica Redeye (421); Lloyd “Muffy” Mohawk (420) (all unopposed)

The treasurer candidate for the Alliance Party has yet to be announced.

The candidate slate chosen from the Seneca Party Allegany Caucus that was held last week can be found here.  The election is November 7.


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