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September 15, 2006

Seneca Party Allegany Territory Caucus

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(Print article from Salamanca Press; not available on-line at the time of this posting.) 

Custom and tradition dictates that the president, clerk and treasurer alternate between the Allegany and Cattaraugus territories every two years.  After the November election, the president and clerk will hail from Allegany, while the treasurer’s main office will (be) in the Cattaraugus Territory.

The Seneca Party will choose a treasurer candidate, along with Cattaraugus councillors and other officers in a second caucus on Sunday. 

The election will be held on November 7.

The following are results from Thursday’s caucus of candidates.  An asterik (*) denotes the winner(s) for each position.

President:  Maurice John Sr.* (523); Arnie Cooper (152), Don John (122).  Maurice John Sr. will face Seneca Alliance candidate Rickey L. Armstrong Sr. in the November election.

Clerk:  Jacqueline Bowen* (369); Trishelle John-Murphy (209); Mark Halftown (200)

Tribal Councillors:  Richard Frank* (474); Rodney Pierce* (454); Al George* (446); Tina Abrams* (441); Mike John (415); Sue John (318); Charlie Redeye (224); Dean Johnson (153)

Chief Marshall:  Brandon Redeye* (315); Walter Reiller (244); Greg Cooper (203)

Assessors:  Carolyn Brant, Evelyn George-Shongo, John Redeye (all unopposed)

Poormaster:  Rae-Lynn George* (439); Pam Bowen (299)

Marshalls:  Jon Clark, Allie George, CJ Pierce (all unopposed)

Highway Commissioner:  Lana Redeye (unopposed)


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  1. Lana,

    good Luck,You’ll do good.


    Comment by ROBERT PORTER — September 10, 2010 @ 6:52 pm | Reply

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