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September 15, 2006

Fun With Guns

Kids will be kids, but I tend to view college-aged people as young adults; maybe I’m giving some of them too much credit.  Plus, the group in this story is representing the Republican National Party, who should have, in my opinion, put a complete stop to this idea that has migrated through several college campuses.  I find the following story disgusting, offensive, and reprehensible.   From Michigan:

The intern, Morgan Wilkins, a sophomore at the University of Louisville, who is being paid to organize College Republicans throughout the state told The Michigan Daily on Sunday that she was considering organizing an event at campuses around the state that would have had participants shoot paintball or BB gun at cardboard cutouts of prominent Democrats like senators Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. She also said she might hold “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day,” where students would try and find a volunteer hidden on campus wearing a shirt that said “illegal immigrant” on it.

“We would never do those types of events or support them,” College Republicans chair Robert Scott said. “First, because they’re offensive to some members of our club. Second, because they undermine one of the goals of our organization, which is to include as many people as possible.”
“As far as we’re concerned, we have no business issuing a statement in support or against Morgan because her job is through the CRNC and they’re her employer,” Scott said. “We support the CRNC fully.”

There is a group of College Republicans based out of Lansing, Michigan who write for a site called “Smash Left Wing Scum” (sorry, I’m not linking to this site – you can search for it if you are interested).  They recently held a “boxing” activity under the subtitle: “Here right wingers learn personal combat skills to help them in future conflicts.” Conflicts, presumably, with “left-wing scum”.

On the left with the ever-so-slightly bloodstained armpitt is SD31 State Senate Candidate Zack Nuncio (R-Bay City – running against Sen. Jim Barcia [D-Bay City]) . Included in the brawling are Michigan State University College Republicans’ chairman Jeff Wiggins, treasurer Anna Marie Cooper, and former chairman (and registrant) Jason Miller. There’s also Luke Pelicanof the Alpha Omicron chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha honor society, The Republican Michigander himself, Dan Wholihan (also a member of the Livingston Co. GOP exec committee), and Michigan Conservative Dossier blogmaster, Perry Como aficionado, and former Michlib troll Joe Sylvester (a.k.a. cheneygun). All appear to be having a delightful time giving each other bloody noses and mouths in preparation for the “future conflicts.”

I’m guessing that Ms. Wilkins’ proposal to the Michigan College Republicans would be well received by this group. 

“Catch an Illegal Immigrant” was proposed by College Republicans at both Penn State University (April 2006) and at the University of Texas (June 2005).  Due to public protest, neither event happened.  Now, the idea has resurfaced at the University of Michigan.  My questions are, “why is the idea of this type of activity still floating out there”, and,  “why hasn’t it been communicated to the College Republicans that ‘Catch an Illegal Immigrant’ and other similar distasteful activities are unacceptable and prohibited”.  Can you just imagine if the College Democrats went and organized an activity that included shooting cardboard cut-outs of our president and vice president?  Fox news would be having non-stop coverage with video of the event and harsh, condemning commentary.
From a letter dated 9/12/06, from Howard Dean, Chairman, Democratic National Committee to Ken Mehlman, Chairman, Republican National Committee:

Promoting “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day,” which has been used by the Republican Party in other states including Pennsylvania and Texas, is not only offensive, it promotes discrimination for political gain. And an event titled “Fun with Guns” that encourages young Republicans to shoot cardboard cut- outs of Democratic leaders further promotes intolerance and violence. These un-American activities cannot go unchallenged.

We’d read that the RNC would use its funds to engage in negative campaigning in a desperate attempt to hold on to power and mobilize Republican voters in November, but these un-American attacks and violent, inflammatory campaign tactics are beyond the pale. As Chairmen of America’s two major political parties, we have a responsibility to elevate the political discourse in America. Whether this is directly an RNC funded activity or not, I ask that you not only order such events ceased but also denounce these types of campaign tactics that breed only hatred, division and fear.

You said yourself to a gathering of Hispanic elected officials that America is a “nation of immigrants.a nation united by ideas, not race, creed or place of origin.” That same day you also acknowledged that “we are all held to account by a common rule of law,” and that “respect for this basic concept is critical to an America where we are all treated the same.” To demonstrate your commitment to these words and ideals you must immediately act to have these desperate, inappropriate attacks stopped. America’s democracy can only continue to work if we respect each other, and uphold the values that have made our country great. I hope to hear back from you on this important matter promptly.

I have to say that I agree with Governor Dean on this one.


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