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September 2, 2006

Kuhl’s Response to the MoveOn TV Ad

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Those of us in the western area of the district haven’t seen the MoveOn advertisement that depicts Randy Kuhl’s congressional support of the Iraq war, and more than likely, we won’t see Mr. Kuhl’s television response advertisement, either.  But, here is an account of what we are missing.

From “The Fighting 29th” site, “Kuhl’s New Ad” gives us a very good overview of Mr. Kuhl’s television ad response to the recent ad that the group MoveOn sponsored.  It provides the verbage of the ad and states that the ad “uses the one weak point of the MoveOn ads to great effect”.  The post also indicates that Eric Massa is pulled into the ad, and basically infers that Mr. Massa was supportive of the MoveOn ad.

That’s not true, since Massa’s made no comment on the ads prior to Kuhl’s response.

The Fighting 29th also posts “Massa’s Response to the Kuhl Ads”, which states that the Massa campaign has “no control over MoveOn, and that they want to stick to an issues-based campaign, without personal attacks”.  They also provide the link to Massa’s response.  From the press release:

“First, there is no connection between and my campaign. I am not endorsed or supported by, and I am not “their candidate.” I have no influence over them – period. Voters understand this.

“Second, I have stated publicly many times that I am against personal attack politics, and my campaign will not engage in tactics of that kind. Mine will be a campaign focusing on the issues and on Randy Kuhl’s record in Congress.

“Rep. Kuhl has complained about the ads run recently by Unfortunately, rather than discuss the extremely important issues of concern to voters, and his failed record in Congress, he has instead chosen to engage in negative personal attacks. One day Randy Kuhl claims to be the victim of negativity and attack ads, and the next day he does the same thing.

“Third, there are numerous debate opportunities on the table to put a real discussion of issues before the voters, and so far, Rep. Kuhl has avoided them all. I have a standing offer to debate ‘any time, anywhere.’ A sample of current debate invitations, with no Kuhl response, includes:

WENY-TV, Corning/Elmira, and the Elmira Star-Gazette (October 5)
WETM-TV, Channel 18, Elmira (October 10)
Rochester: the League of Women Voters and WXXI TV
Rochester: The Bob Lonsberry Show

The press release also relays that the agreed upon debate to be hosted by the AM radio station in Hornell probably won’t happen, either.

That’s a shame.  Why not debate?  What is there to lose by debating?  If this were a priority, I’m sure that you could find an hour or two in your schedule, Mr. Kuhl, to fulfill this agreement.  After all, your radio advertisement that is currently running states that you answer to no one but the people of the 29th District, and that when you ran two years ago, you promised to hold townhall meetings throughout the district and that you fulfilled that promise.  Well, the people of the 29th district are asking that you fulfill this debate obligation, also.  Why are you depriving us of the opportunity to hear you and Eric Massa debate the issues? 



  1. It’s sad when campaign ads BECOME campaign issues because it detracts from the real issues.

    Comment by tomj1963 — September 3, 2006 @ 11:38 am | Reply

  2. I agree tomj1963. I’d much rather see a campaign run on what the candidate’s ideals, thoughts, and plans are versus the “attack mode” of campaign style that has become commonplace in our country over the past number of years.

    Comment by theruralpatriot — September 5, 2006 @ 9:16 am | Reply

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