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August 24, 2006

More on the MoveOn Ad

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Upstate GOP congressmen face fresh attacks on Iraq

Yesterday on this site, we posted an article regarding MoveOn’s efforts in running an advertisement related to Randy Kuhl’s Iraq War support.  The above AP article provides more local information on the subject.

Eric Massa, a retired Navy commander challenging Kuhl, met with veterans Wednesday in Corning, arguing that the current U.S. policy in Iraq has failed and the war-torn country should be divided into three separate ethnic states.
“My opponent chose to make this the central issue of the election, by going to Iraq 100 days before and returning without any solutions,” said Massa.

Massa offered a partition plan similar to the one his former boss, Gen. Wesley Clark, used in Bosnia.

“I don’t want to allow anyone to say the Democrats don’t have plans and my specific vision has to do with recognizing that we really are dealing with three different countries,” said Massa.

The response from the Kuhl campaign accuses Massa of using the Iraq war as a political issue.

“The only person using Iraq as a political issue is this Massa guy,” said Van Wicklin. “The fact is that according to Iraq’s National Security Advisor, attacks in Iraq are down 45 percent since mid-July.”

What is not mentioned in the above statement is the fact that July was one of the deadliest months for Iraqi citizens.  Over 3500 have died from violent attacks that ensued during the month.

MoveOn is spending approximately $76,000 on the Kuhl advertisement campaign.


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  1. Their defence is that attacks are down 45% for one month? big deal. And the line only one person is using Iraq as a political issue would be a joke, but its not funny. What was that little PR trip to the green zone, that wasn’t political? Oh sorry that was a fact finding mission, thats why the “facts” were so similar to what the generals had to say….

    Comment by Kilgore Trout — August 31, 2006 @ 11:57 am | Reply

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