The Rural Patriot

August 23, 2006

Long-Time GOP Supporter – Massa for NY-29

Sherman Moreland, the former Chemung County Chair for the GOP, wrote the following letter to Eric Massa expressing his disappointment with the current state of the GOP and his subsequent support for Eric Massa.  It appears in today’s Corning Leader newspaper; the actual letter to Mr. Massa can be viewed here.

Dear Eric:

I’m a life-long third generation Republican with 58 years of proactive party membership, but I’m having this problem staying the course. The policies, ideology and outcomes of the Bush Administration governance and buttressed largely by a go-along Congress are starkly in contrast with and contravene everything I have believed and thought my Party stood for.

Traditional fiscal conservativism has been turned on its ear into trillion dollar debt riding on a wave of annual deficit spending of hundreds of billions. Constitutional conservatism that jealously guarded our Bill of Rights, separation of Church and State and the built-in system of checks and balances has given way to the blatant disregard when found inconvenient to power and the unparalleled invasion by government into the private lives and affairs of its citizenry. All done for the sake of ideological dogma and national security witch hunts.

My choice seems to be either “Hail Caesar” or “Hell No, I won’t go” for this bastardization of traditional Republican credos. My Party has been stolen by a Washington wrecking crew of Neo-cons and ninnies. Corporate and other special interest money has poured into the GOP coffers and into campaign slush funds managed by the like of the notorious Tom DeLay and used to buy the votes and loyalty of Congressman like “Randy” John R. Kuhl, Jr., who, I am told, has accepted more of such largesse than any other NYS GOP House member. Nonetheless, Randy assures us he is “no rubber stamp” for the Bush/DeLay axis. I’ve been told that when Tom DeLay tried to offer his largesse to Amo Houghton, Amo turned him down cold. Randy, you’re no Amo Houghten. You’re his antithesis. Consequently, I must in good conscience vote to replace you in Congress with your Democratic opponent, Eric Massa, who I understand is a well-intentioned, well qualified individual of principle and integrity, just the right mix.

Allow me the literary license to paraphrase a statement Republican, Senator Barry Goldwater thusly: “Mindless party loyalty is no virtue. Breaking with miscreant party leadership is no vice.”

Sherman Moreland

I imagine that Mr. Moreland is not the only Republican in this district who feels this way.


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