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August 22, 2006

What’s Up with the Kuhl/Massa Debate?

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About a month ago, the announcement was made that Randy Kuhl had finally accepted Eric Massa’s challenge to debate. We still have not heard any details of the confirmed plans, and now, according to Mr. Massa, he is still waiting for a confirmation of plans:

We are waiting for a response from Randy Kuhl for a series of open and fair debates.  As of now the League of Women Voters, a Church group in Ontario County, a major radio station in Rochester, the NRA, and one of the major TV stations in Elmira have all invited us to debate.  To date we have not heard back from my opponent on any of these.  He challenged me to a radio debate at a small station but has yet to finalize the dates for that as well.  The issues of the day demand an open and complete debate and we are waiting for Kuhl to accept his own challenge to debate me.

When the initial announcement was made, Mr. Kuhl designated Hornell radio station WLEA as the host.  Here is WLEA’s coverage area:

WHAM, the Rochester radio station that could host an additional debate, would actually be the better choice for district coverage:

At least we here in this area of the district would have a better chance of being able to hear the debate.

Congress’ vacation is starting to wind down and they will be back in session shortly after Labor Day.  With no confirmed plans in place, I wonder if Mr. Kuhl is backing out of the agreement.  Will his “time available to debate” suddenly become “unavailable”?

We deserve better, we deserve answers, and we deserve to hear this debate in order to make an informed, educated voting choice.


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