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August 16, 2006


Filed under: November 2006 Election — theruralpatriot @ 9:50 am

As we near the election period, I would like to post a timely reminder.

Beware the phrase, “Some say” and other similar phrases, (people say, studies have shown, I have heard, etc.).  When I hear these phrases I immediately think, “who are the some, who are the people, what studies”.  Without knowing the source of the commenter’s statement, the comment has little or no validity.

Think about it…if the commenter can’t or doesn’t tell you who “some” are, how can we judge the weight of the statement?  For all we know, “some”, or “people” could be our gradeschool neighbors.  “Studies” could come from a highly biased source. 

So when you hear these types of statements, question them.  Don’t give them any weight until you have the facts behind the statement.

[Thank you Mr. DiSalvo, (my 9th grade highschool English/Debate teacher).  It’s a lesson that I have always remembered.]


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