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August 7, 2006

Eric Massa/Linda Witte at the Cattaraugus County Fair

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Yesterday, August 6, Eric Massa visited our area.  Linda Witte, candidate for NYS Assembly, District 149, was also in attendance.  Prior to attending the county fair, he spoke with a group of local democratic voters.  During the fair, he spoke with many of the fair’s attendees.  He also spoke with our local military veterans and he and Linda proudly marched with them in the veterans parade.


Mr. Massa is a definitely a dynamic individual.  He is passionate in his views and is knowledgeable and concerned about the issues our country is facing.  He spoke of last Friday’s article in the Olean Times Herald newspaper where Randy Kuhl accused Mr. Massa of not having “paid his dues” (Full text of the article is not available on-line; Kuhl was referring to Mr. Massa’s lack of experience in  being part of a “political process”.)   Massa replied that this remark is, “an insult to everyone who has served in the military” and cited that Amo Houghton and Dwight D. Eisenhower also had not had “political experience” prior to their serving in their elected positions.  (Mr. Massa is a retired Naval Officer who has served under General Wesley Clark.)

It was clear that the veterans in the crowd yesterday were also noticeably insulted.  They felt that Mr. Kuhl’s remark basically showed them that Kuhl felt that their military service meant nothing compared to Kuhl’s political experience with NY State and the US Congress.

Below:  Mr. Massa with local veterans prior to the veterans parade at the fair.  Mr. Massa is in the center of the picture.

 Massa also addressed the issues of  health care, jobs and the economy, Iraq, and the gun control issue.  He stated that Republicans have done the most to affect the gun control laws, especially in light of the Patriot Act. 

(my thoughts:  most in this area, I feel, are under a mistaken notion that “Democrats want to take away your guns”.  I had heard this quite frequently during the Kerry presidential campaign era – it is NOT TRUE.  Please don’t believe this and take it as the gospel truth, and don’t let this mistaken notion be the single issue that influences your vote this November.)

If you have any opportunity to hear Mr. Massa in person, I encourage you to take advantage and go!  This is the kind of representation that we need in the 29th District!

Go to Mr. Massa’s campaign website (listed in the blogroll section on the front page).  Read and learn more about his positions on the issues.  Go and see him in person when he comes to your area.  Ask him the questions where you have concerns.  I’m impressed with this candidate, and I promise that you will be, too.

Eric Massa and Linda Witte:



  1. I really hope that residents of this part of the district have the opportunity to hear Mr. Massa and Mr. Kuhl debate. So far, we are being shut out of the process. The only confirmed debate will be hosted by a radio station in Hornell. There is a tentative agreement for another debate to be held in the Rochester area.

    I feel as though we are being cheated!!! I would love to have the opportunity to hear these two men debate. Mr. Kuhl, there has to be room in your schedule to accomodate the constituents in the western part of the district. We still do count for something, don’t we?

    Comment by ellicatt — August 7, 2006 @ 3:06 pm | Reply

  2. Based on the current debating schedule (just that token one in Hornell), it seems that Kuhl just wants to do the minimum to get re-elected rather than take it to the people, like Massa does with his offer to debate Kuhl in all 8 counties in NY-29.

    Comment by chillychumpy — August 10, 2006 @ 1:00 pm | Reply

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