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July 28, 2006

Massa/Kuhl Debate (Revisited)

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Two days ago, the post regarding the upcoming debate between Mr. Massa and Mr. Kuhl contained links to a newspaper article and a press release that stated that Mr. Kuhl challenged Mr. Massa to the debate.

Here are the facts.  Mr. Massa had challenged Mr. Kuhl to a series of 8 debates as far back as May 8, 2006, the day that Mr. Kuhl announced his candidacy for this district’s congressional seat.  I feel that this is important to report since the newspaper article and Mr. Kuhl’s press release are misleading.

(July 25, 2006) Corning, N.Y. – Congressional candidate Eric Massa (D-Corning) said today that he looks forward to debating Rep. Randy Kuhl. “For 20 months now I have issued a standing debate challenge to Randy Kuhl. I’m glad he’s finally accepted.”

Massa’s latest challenge was on the day Kuhl announced his candidacy. “I invite Randy Kuhl to debate the vision each of us has for America in the next two years,” Massa said in a May 8 press release. “Will it be more of the same failed polices that he has supported, or will we indeed change the course?”

“I served America proudly for 24 years in the Navy, and it would be an honor to continue serving in Congress. Debate is good. More debate is even better. In live debate, the failures of my opponent to move our nation forward and to help the hard-working people of the 29th Congressional District will be plain. When voters hear the difference between my candidacy and that of a career politician, I predict that they will join the growing ranks of my enthusiastic supporters, who believe that it’s time for a change.”

Mr. Kuhl’s campaign website contains the July 25, 2006 press release, “Kuhl Challenges Massa to Debate”, that states:

BATH, N.Y. — Representative John R. “Randy” Kuhl, Jr. (R-Hammondsport) today called on his opponent to appear with him on a radio program in the district to have a frank and truthful discussion on issues important to voters in the 29th Congressional District of New York.

Mr. Kuhl’s press release title is misleading.  It’s “a nice play on words”, but it would have been more truthful if it would have stated, “Mr. Kuhl accepts Mr. Massa’s  challenge and invites him to a radio debate on radio station WLEA”. 


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  1. Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better, taste your freedom and be better.

    Comment by Alan — January 3, 2007 @ 8:30 am | Reply

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